Southgate Brewing 'Pecan Brown' Ale

Southgate Brewing Pecan Brown Ale 1
Southgate Brewing 'Pecan Brown' Ale. 4.8% abv. Dark brown color. Thin beige head that keep a sustaining collar. Good retention, excellent lace. Nose of malt, walnuts. As the temp drops, a maple aroma emerges. Front taste of dark malt, hazelnut, walnut, pecan, caramel. Aftertaste of warm brown sugar, earthy, hazelnut, maple on the back end. Medium body. Mouthfeel is carby, warm, rich.

This is an excellent brown ale. Nutty and rich with a moderately malty profile and very little hop taste. Easing back on the malt and hops allows the pecans/nuts to shine through. Recommended.

From the brewery:

"From refreshing Pilsner Style Ale to a Hoppy Pale to a deliciously smooth Porter. We’ve got the brew for you. Exciting list of guest taps and intriguing bottle selection also available. Our house draft offerings change often, as well. Please call or come in to find out what’s on tap right now. From Imperial Stouts to Barley Wines, you never know what kind of fun, small-batch brews might be awaiting you in addition to our well-loved flagship standards."

Southgate Brewing Pecan Brown Ale 2