Illusione *R* Rothchildes

Illusione Rothchildes cigar 1
Illusione *R* Rothchildes. 4.5x50. Dark brown dry wrap. Subtle veins. Pronounced leaf ends. Slightly bulged lines. Cut and lit well. Medium draw pre- and post-light. First half taste is balanced bitter leaf, roasted tobacco, dark wood. Toward the second half the taste is more earthy, faint spice, pepper. Ash is marbled, most black at the start, clinging just over an inch before the drop. Burn is mostly even throughout.

This is a great little smoke, with a mild-bitter balance, nice draw and burn, and smooth transition heading toward the band. A simple, pleasant, well crafted cigar worth a good half-hour of relaxing. Recommended.

From the company:

"A cigar for the masses. Price vs. quality – unmatched in the marketplace. The illusione *R* Rothchildes makes a bold statement in the face of NIRMKW (Non Illusione Remote Mind Kontrol Weapons). These companies force their will on the unsuspecting cigar enthusiast. The unending barrage of multi-national media specific messages clouds the minds judgment. It is our job to provide shelter and safety in the truth through our cigar. A review from a non-participant in NIRMKW media assination can be found below."

Illusione Rothchildes cigar 2

Illusione Rothchildes cigar 3