Gispert Connecticut Robusto

Gispert Connecticut Robusto 1
Gispert Connecticut Robusto. 5x54. Medium brown color. Excellent build with straight lines. A couple of veins in an otherwise smooth wrap. Perfect cut and good light. Medium draw pre- and post-light. First third taste of creamy smoke, some bright notes of spice on the back. Second third continues from the first with a more mellow tobacco flavor underneath the spice.

Toward the band, the taste was very rich and creamy, earthy, herbal. Burn was even across, though it did take a touch of maintenance. Ash was clean with some slightly darker shades, clinging well over an inch.

This is an truly enjoyable smoke. The creamy wrap, mild fill, and spice notes join together to offer a well made, solid cigar. There's just enough punch in the taste to rise this mild stick above the norm. Recommended.

From the company:

"Gispert cigars, handmade in Honduras and packaged in beautiful semi-boite nature boxes, blend a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper with Honduran binder and Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. Smooth and creamy, with a cedar-like finish, these milder and moderately-priced cigars have a storied pedigree that traces back to 19th century Cuba."

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