Carlos Toraño 'Brigade' Robusto

Carlos Torano Brigade cigar 1
Carlos Toraño 'Brigade' Robusto. 5x52. Light brown wrap with some slightly darker shades. Good construction, nice lines, smoothed veins. Poor cut with an uneven fill at the crown. Good light. Draw was medium pre- and post-flame. Even burn across. Ash was clean and even, holding nearly two inches with ease.

First half taste was mild tobacco with some spice on the exhale. Notes of light wood, semi-bitter leaf. Second half was dry leaf, walnut, mild herb.

This is a good cigar, with a consistent taste and draw. Nice even burn and clean aftertaste round out this reliable smoke. Not outstanding but still quite good. Recommended.

From the company:

"Made with a premium quality Ecuador wrapper and rich Nicaraguan filler, the Brigade smokes likes a super premium blend at a value price. The flavor is complex, with good spice and aroma. The Brigade is a hearty smoke which can be enjoyed at all times and in all settings. This robust and dependable cigar will consistently deliver an enjoyable smoking experience."

Carlos Torano Brigade cigar 2

Carlos Torano Brigade cigar 3