W Brewing '559 RFA' Raisin Farmer Ale

W Brewing RFA Ale 1
W Brewing '559 RFA' Raisin Farmer Ale. 7% abv. 29 IBU. Dark hazy amber color with two fingers of thick tan head. Sediment in bottle. Good retention and lacing. Nose is faint sweet malt. Front taste of caramel, bitter fruit, orange peel on back end. Aftertaste of dull citrus, raisin, earthy hop-grain notes. The sustain of the aftertaste is unpleasant, bitter, flat earthy, dull herb, dirt. Light body. Mouthfeel is light, some stickiness on the back.

This beer was disappointing. It starts out decent, with a nice head and a sweet malt profile, but its flat, overly earthy flavors and its odd, unpleasant aftertaste leave a poor parting impression. It tastes unfinished.

While I will not necessarily avoid this beer, I cannot see myself buying it again for a while. Many friends in my local craft beer community believe that this relatively new brewery produces inconsistent batches. Perhaps a future batch will revise my review.

From the brewery:

"Raisin Farmer Ale (RFA) - Red mahogany in appearance, a malted body with a vein of Caruthers raisins that showcases its structural integrity. Sweet aromatics with an earthy edge of valley sunshine surrounds this legendary beer."