Sierra Nevada 'Hop Hunter' IPA

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA 1
Sierra Nevada 'Hop Hunter' IPA. 6.2% abv. 60 IBU. Golden color. Bubbly white head with good retention and outstanding lace. Nose sweet light malt, floral hop bouquet. Front taste of bittersweet hops, biscuit, flowers, malt. Aftertaste of smooth bitter hops, light fruit notes. Medium body. Mouthfeel is slightly thick, small carb, warm at the back.

This is an excellent IPA, with abundant bright hop flavor, a balanced bitter taste that is surprisingly easy to drink, and sweet notes that do not detract from the features hop oils. Highly recommended if you enjoy a well made IPA.

From the brewery:

"Intense wet hop flavor year round. Hop Hunter IPA harnesses the complex flavors of just-picked hops through an all-new method of steam distilling wet hops before they even leave the fields. This revolutionary technique captures and intensifies the natural flavors, creating a unique and intensely aromatic beer. Our custom process gathers pure hop oil which, when combined with traditional whole-cone hops in the brew kettle and in our Hop Torpedo, makes for an incredible IPA experience."

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA 2

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA 3

I was fortunate to enjoy this beer from a firkin at Peeve's Public House. A good beer made even better.