Riley's Brewing 'Sancha' Honey Blonde Ale

Riley's Brewing Sancha 1
Riley's Brewing 'Sancha' Honey Blonde Ale. 5.5% abv. 15 IBU. Pale yellow-gold color. Finger of white bubbly head. Good retention and lacing. Nose is herbal, honey, faint cloves. Front taste is earthy, cloves, slight sweet. Aftertaste is where the honey shines through, notes of biscuit, herbal hops. Light body. Mouthfeel is thin, cool, faint carb.

This is a solid beer from a reliable local brewery. It's light and refreshing, very drinkable, with just enough notes of sweetness and spice to place it above most blondes. It lies confidently between the easy-going lawnmower beers and the bigger, bolder brews out there. Recommended.

From the brewery:

"A light bodied ale. A smooth refreshing blonde, flavored with real California honey to enhance your drinking pleasure."

Riley's Brewing Sancha 2