House of Pendragon 'Crème de la Kremlin' Imperial Stout

Pendragon Imperial Stout 1
House of Pendragon 'Crème de la Kremlin' Imperial Stout. 9.5% abv. 80 IBU. Black in color. Thick, creamy tan head. Good retention. Superb lace. Nose of roasted grain, smoky wood, chocolate, dark fruit. Front taste of roasted, sweet malt, bitter fruit, plum. Aftertaste of bitter hops, smoke, hickory, raisin on the back end. Full body. Mouthfeel is hot, creamy, thick.

This is an extraordinary imperial stout, with its Spanish Cedar aging coming through in the long sustaining aftertaste, and a bitter flavor profile that is balanced well against the slightly sweet fruit notes. As the temp drops the aroma becomes rich with the Cedar wood. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Crème de la Kremlin is our yearly Russian Imperial stout. It's like no other RIS that you have ever had. This beer has been aged with Spanish cedar for two months to add to its rich complex flavors. CDLK has an intense dark dried cherry, chocolaty roastyness in the aroma. These aromatics follow through to the flavor where it melds with rich slightly velvety texture with a slight hickory wood flavor in the finish. Don’t miss out on this beer. We will be releasing it tomorrow for new beer Thursday. We are only releasing a few kegs of this beer while it’s young, and aging the rest for special releases throughout the year. So get it while you can."

Pendragon Imperial Stout 2


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    1. To date, the Kremlin is the best beer I've had from House of Pendragon, and that's saying a lot considering their consistently high quality. HoP doesn't often brew an aged "big" beer like this, but when they do, it is extraordinary.