Gran Habano 'V.I.P. Natural' Robusto by George Rico

Gran Habano VIP Natural 1
Gran Habano 'V.I.P. Natural' by George Rico. 5x50. Robusto. Medium brown wrap. Very nice build. Straight lines, some veins. Good cut. Light took a minute of roasting, but was even and clean from that point on. Medium draw pre- and post-light. Taste of mild leaf and almond wood on the first half. Second half had faint herbal flavors, toasted walnut. Perfect burn throughout. Ash was nicely marbled, mostly clean, held well nearly three inches strong. Mild, pleasant, consistent taste down to the band.

This is an excellent, well crafted cigar with mild taste coupled with notes of nut, hard wood, and faint herb. Gran Habano is one of those companies that makes fine cigars at every price point and taste. I look forward to trying the rest of their V.I.P. line. Recommended.

From the company:

"The V.I.P. is an all-around solid cigar boasting exceptional construction and balanced flavors. Available in 3 different styles. Sweet Tip: a creamy smoke with added sweetness from the sugar tipped head. Natural: a nice balance of flavor and strength. Maduro: perfect everyday smoke with earthy flavors & spice for those looking for a little bit more."

Gran Habano VIP Natural 2

Gran Habano VIP Natural 3
The VIP Natural has one of the best footers I've ever had in terms of burn and ash.


  1. Mine started off with some black pepper and then went bland on me.
    Mild with a little cream and a disappointing finish. Stay away from this one. Ick!

    1. It took longer than usual to light this cigar. Was that the case with your session? I densely packed foot can result in needing to really roast it, which can create an initial harsh peppery taste.