Cismontane Brewing 'The Citizen' California Lager

Cismontane Citizen California Lager 1
Cismontane Brewing 'The Citizen' California Lager. 6.2% abv. Copper color. Thin white head. Good retention, nice lace. Nose of light malt, light fruit, floral hops. Front taste of toffee, biscuits, bittersweet malt, light fruit, bitter hops. Aftertaste of bitter hops, faint brown sugar. Light-medium body. Mouthfeel is small bubbly, hoppy sting on the back end.

This California Common lager is a good beer, a nice example of its category. Light fruity aroma with a slightly sweet bready taste. Though the flavor profile didn't excite me, I was impressed with this beer and would order one again. Recommended.

From the brewery:

"The California Common almost disappeared after prohibition as did the term Cismontane. Our interpretation of this style is a golden warm fermented lager with sufficient hop aroma. As a brewer and citizen of Cismontane California it is our obligation to produce a fine Californian Common."

Cismontane Citizen California Lager 2