Carlos Toraño 'The Brick' Robusto

Carlos Torano The Brick Robusto 1
Carlos Toraño 'The Brick' Robusto. 5.5x60. Excellent build. Even shading on the wrap. Nice cut and light. Good draw pre- and post-light. Mostly even burn across the stick. Creamy Sumatra wrap. Long-leaf Honduran blended fill. Ash held a good two inches before the drop. Box pressed tight without sacrificing that wonderful draw. Mild coffee notes on the intake, nutty aftertaste.

I often gravitate toward value smokes, and this is one of the better ones. This is one of those cheap cigars, made by a top brand, that would easily fool most aficionados in a blind tasting. Recommended.

From the company:

"Hand rolled from premium well aged long leaf Honduran filler, wrapped with a Honduran binder and then rolled in a delicious Sumatra wrapper. Designed for maximum flavor The Brick offers you a delicious medium bodied smoke. After being hand made these beauties are then box pressed, Cuban style, giving you one great smoking experience."