Rockmill Brewery Cask Aged Tripel

rockmill tripel 1
Rockmill Brewery Bourbon Cask Aged Tripel. 10.5% abv. Hazy honey color. Sliver of head falls away quickly. No retention or lacing. Nose of sweet fruity malt, oak, bourbon, vanilla. Front taste of mild grain, bourbon, light fruit, apricot notes, floral hops, bread notes. Aftertaste is where the bourbon whiskey shines, leaving no question that bourbon is definitely involved, and a lot of it. Astringent. Alcohol is a big part of the aftertaste sustain. Medium-big body. Mouthfeel is hot, thick, slightly sticky.

This is an nice example of its category, and holds well next to the many other 'bourbon barrel' beers out there. Rockmill chose to go big with the bourbon whiskey, which may or may not suit you. I would have liked more balance, wishing this had more malty taste and head retention. Still, this was a very enjoyable brew. Recommended if you like bourbon, because drinking this beer is akin to drinking a full glass of whiskey with a shot of beer tossed in.

From the brewery:

“Golden ale aged in oak whiskey barrels. Tripel aged in whiskey barrels from local micro-distillary Middle West Spirits. Rich vanillins intermingle with the delicate notes of the Ohio Winter Wheat Whiskey."

rockmill tripel 2
This beer had absolutely no retention or lace. There was a very thin collar of head off the tap, but that was gone in less than a minute. The beer looked, smelled, and nearly tasted like a tall glass of bourbon, which is good news for some bourbon beer lovers.