Red Branch Brewing Honey Stout

Red Branch Honey Stout 1
Red Branch Brewing Honey Stout. 7.2% abv. Dark brown color with a finger of beige head that recedes to a thick lasting collar. Excellent retention and lace. Aroma of honey, raisins, plum. Front taste of honey, dark fruit, roasted malt. Aftertaste of bitter fruit, earthy, mildly sweet. Medium body, a tad thin for a stout but the honey taste and feel help make up for it. Mouthfeel is warm, herbal, slightly mediciney, creamy.

This is a great beer, a little thin for a stout but definitely worth seeking out. It's very easy drinking, more than you'd expect, and its flavors of honey and dark fruits go well with the backbone of roasted malt. Another fine brew from Red Branch Brewing, the same talented folks from Rabbit's Foot Meadery. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Our stout is styled after both a traditional dry stout and an Imperial Russian Stout. We have taken the liberty to add a generous amount of honey during fermentation to create another of our unique 'Braggot' style ales. Reminiscent of the 'Rosie the Riveter' posters common in America during World War II, we just put a little spin on it."

Red Branch Honey Stout 2

Red Branch Honey Stout 3