Montecristo Media Noche

montecristo media moche 1
Montecristo Media Noche. 5x52. Good build with a mostly straight line, a few pronounced veins. Maduro wrap. Cut well. Light took a moment longer than I'd like, a minute more roasting. Good draw pre- and post-light. Even burn until the second third. A slightly uneven burn from that point, despite my best efforts. Tastes of mild leaf, light wood, slightly sweet nutty profile on the intake. On the exhale, the tobacco flavor has more earthy notes. Wrap has a creamy taste once the burn gets going. Clean light gray flaky ash that drops at an inch.

This is an excellent mild cigar wrapped in a nicely roasted maduro wrap. There's not as much punch and spice as I was expecting, but it's still an excellent cigar. Recommended.

From the company:

"Montecristo Media Noche is hand made in the Dominican Republic and provides a very smooth and deliberate draw while creating a pleasant flavor, medium in body. Media Noche is one of the more recent releases from Montecristo. It features a dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper and tri-country filler which includes tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. This cigar features both, sweet and spicy flavors and produces some earthy notes, which feel incredibly toasty on the palate. A top-notch choice from a top-notch brand, you should definitely give the Media Noche a try!" (source:

montecristo media noche 2
The ash turned flaky shortly after the light. It was still solid, holding just over an inch.

montecristo media noche 3
I enjoyed this Montecristo Media Noche on the lovely patio of Cigars Ltd.