Mendocino Brewing Seasonal White Ale

mendocino white ale 1
Mendocino Brewing Seasonal White Ale. 5% abv. 13 IBU. Hazy light honey color. One finger of white bubbly head. Moderate retention, good lace. Nose of lime, toffee, grain, biscuit. Front taste of floral hops, lime peel, vanilla, wheat. Aftertaste of smooth sweet citrus, floral hops, spices. The coriander comes through nicely in the finish, creating a pleasant balance of flavors by the end. Medium body. Mouthfeel is thin yet creamy, warm, bubbly.

This is a fine brew that achieves a mild, delicate balance in its flavor profile. The key lime is surely present throughout, the wheat adds body and earthy notes, and the coriander eases in at the finish. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Seasonal - White Ale - This inimitable ale resonates with a chorus of vibrant aroma chords. The first note is the aromatic symphony of wheat and barley malt, counterpointed with a naughty hint of spice. The second movement echoes with tones of floral and citrus hops, followed by a vivacious vibrato in which the exotic key lime takes this White Ale to a magnificent crescendo of taste. Leonine-like straw gold in look and an enigmatic subtle yeast haze makes this opus, pitch perfect in body and soul. Key Lime orchestrates a composition that compliments the traditional spicy, bready middle adding grace to a finish that is clean and bright.  And as the harmony ebbs, you will feel an urge to replay this refrain.  Allow yourself, for it is only natural to do so."

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