Lost Coast 'Alleycat' Amber Ale

lost coast alleycat 1
Lost Coast 'Alleycat' Amber Ale. 5.5% abc. 26 IBU. Dark amber-red in color. Over a finger of tan head with good retention and very nice lacing. Nose of caramel, toasty malt, vanilla notes. Front taste of caramel, sweet bread, bright bitter hops on the back end. Aftertaste is warm, with flavors of sweet malt and pronounced hops. A nice balanced bitter from the herbal hops stands out in the aftertaste. Medium body. Mouthfeel is slightly syrupy thick, with a nice creamy carb across the tongue.

This is an excellent amber, better than most, with a solid malty backbone, a touch sweet, followed by a balanced hoppy aftertaste. It should be considered one of the standards in its category. Highly recommended. 

From the brewery:

"A full-flavored amber ale made with roasted caramel malt and spicy German and American hops. Richly colored and medium-bodied, Alleycat is an assertive blend of malts with a sprightly cascade of hops."

lost coast alleycat 2
I enjoyed this Alleycat outdoors, at my friend's ranch in North Fork.

lost coast alleycat 3
Lovely lace on this excellent amber ale.