Dust Bowl Brewing Scotch Ale

Dust Bowl Scotch Ale 1
Dust Bowl Brewing Scotch Ale. 8.5% abv. 30 IBU. Dark ruby color. A finger of creamy tan head. Good retention. Excellent lace. Sweet nose of caramel, floral hops, orange notes. As the temp drops, aromas of whiskey and grain emerge. Front taste of sweet malt, bright hops, bitter orange rind. Aftertaste of dark fruit, citrus rind, brown sugar. Big body. Mouthfeel is hot, creamy carb.

This is a wonderful beer, an excellent scotch ale that offers more than a malt profile, with a sweet citrus overtone that complements the balanced bitter. Strongly recommended.

From the brewery:

"The Scottish were some of the first in the UK to brew lager beers. Prior to this, they brewed ales at lower than normal temperatures with small amounts of dark malts. The Scotch Ale is a higher strength version of this type of ale with clean malt aromas and flavors and a touch of crystal malt. Malt sweetness dominates the beer’s flavor."

Dust Bowl Scotch Ale 2

Dust Bowl Scotch Ale 3
I had the pleasure of enjoying this Scotch Ale at Dust Bowl's tap room in Downtown Turlock.