Tap It Brewing 'Full Blown' Stout

Tap It Brewing 'Full Blown' Stout. 5.5% abv. 31 IBU. Dark brown in color. One finger of tan head off the tap. Good retention and lacing. Nose of roasted grain, notes of chocolate. Front taste is roasted malt, dark chocolate, background vanilla. Aftertaste is mild sweet malt, some bitter hops, faint notes of raisins. Low-medium body. Mouthfeel is thin with some creamy carb. This is a fair example of its category. It’s a bit thin in body for a stout, and the aroma promises more than the taste delivers, but is otherwise a decent beer worthy of trying, particularly if you like stouts, porters, and chocolate brews. 

From the brewery:

"Tap It Brewing’s Full Blown Stout is an Oatmeal style stout that’s built like a fine tuned motor, designed for high RPM and a Smooth Ride. This beer is hand-crafted using the finest selection of Roasted Barley, Oats, Specialty Malts, and Hops, all blended together to create a dark, rich full flavored yet smooth and palatable stout. Our Full Blown Stout gives off a robust aroma of Roasted Barley, accompanied by a touch of dark brown sugar, and just a hint of smoke. The texture of this stout is velvety and well-rounded, with just the slightest acidity which introduces the rich flavor of the roasted malt and caramel characters that show off the compilation of roasted barley, chocolate malt, and crystal malts along with its dark black color; Magnum and Willamette hops have been added for slight perceivable hop bitterness. The finish is a Full Blown complexity of the malts, along with a hint of lingering smokiness that ties all the flavors together."

Nice silky lace on this stout.

I enjoyed this beer on tap at Popolo's Pizza. They don't have a bar, but they offer a rotating selection of craft beers, displaying the taps on a shelf by the door.