Royal Jamaican Park Lane Oro Rojo

Royal Jamaican Park Lane Oro Rojo. 47x6. Good construction on sight. Smooth straight surface on the wrap with no pronounced veins. Darker shades of brown with some dark spots. Cut was poor, as the cap fell apart in the blade. A second cut was needed, a bit deeper than I’d like, but it turned out fine. The foot was a closed torpedo tip. It lit well after a little cut to help control the burn. Draw was good both pre- and post-light. Taste on the intake was mild during the first third. In the second third, the flavor of the tobacco was stronger, slightly bitter herbal, but still enjoyable.

However, many cigar aficionados would likely put it down during the final third, which was harsh, burnt, pungent pepper. Burn was mostly even throughout. Ash was medium and dark gray. This was mostly a good cigar during the first half, but it declined quickly during the second half. Despite its many good qualities, I'm not in a rush to smoke one of these again soon.

From the company:

"The wrapper of a Royal Jamaica cigar comes from Nicaragua, as well as the binder, but the filler is a mix of Jamaican, Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. This mix emphasizes the highlights of each of these special tobaccos, and makes for a very smooth and rich smoke. It doesn’t matter if you are a new cigar smoker or an experienced one – the taste these cigars offer will be sure to please you. But, if you are experienced, you will notice that there is something different about Royal Jamaica Cigars… If there is one thing that is unique about Royal Jamaica cigars, it is the process in which the filler is dried and processed. Normal tobacco is processed and with very few additives. But, the tobacco used for Royal Jamaica cigars is sprayed with Bethune while it is drying. While this liquid serves many purposes, the main one is the flavor it imparts. Since it is a mixture of herbs, vinegar and various alcohols, (including Jamaican rum) you can just imagine the flavor and aroma changes that the finished cigar will produce. If you are looking to try something different and are looking to Jamaica for your next smoke, try a Royal Jamaica cigar. They are not that hard to find, they are very cost effective, and they offer a smoking experience you won’t soon forget!"