Montecristo Fer de Lance

Montecristo Fer de Lance. 5x44. Petit Corona. Solid build from the box press construction. Medium brown wrap was smooth and perfectly straight with flush veins and leaf ends. Cut well. Light took a minute with a flame lighter. Draw was fine pre-light, more relaxed across the burn. Burn was even from start to finish. Intake taste on the first half was woodsy, earthy, with strong pepper notes. Toward the mid point the flavor turned to deep tobacco, leather, bitter spice. Exhale taste had more strong wood, bitter herbal, peppery to the edge. Ash was a marbled light gray that hung nearly two inches. Had to relight halfway down, despite consistent puffs of the stick, but it wasn't a deal breaker. No harsh flavors from the second light. Medium-full body. Ample smoke, particularly in the first half. This is a solid little stogie, not in the same league as Montecristo's main line, but still worthy of your time. And at 5x44, it's a good quick break for tobacco purists. Recommended.

From the company:

"With its rich history and reputation, Montecristo has become one of the most popular cigars in the world and the standard by which all other cigars are judged. Meticulously hand-crafted at the Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic, Montecristo cigars are available in a variety of premium blends for all different tastes."