Hinano Tahiti Lager

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Hinano Tahiti Lager. 5% abv. Hazy yellow color with white foamy head. Good retention with fair lacing. Nose of canned corn, straw, crackers. Front taste of bitter boiled vegetables, white bread, corn, butter, grain. Aftertaste of grass, bitter herb, metal. Body is thin. Mouthfeel is warm, carb, slightly sticky and thick on the back end, clinging to the back of the tongue.

This is a terrible beer. The harsh aroma and bitter corn-grass flavor are made worse by a sustaining metallic sting on the back end. It's very bad, even when compared to other cheap adjunct brews. I poured the second half into the kitchen sink, something I can't recall doing for many years. I will not be drinking this beer again.

From the brewer:

"Gold Medal in 1990 and 1993! The Hinano beer is a deluxe, bottom-fermented, golden-colored lager, with 5% alcohol content and pronounced bitterness. It is crafted in the Punaruu valley in Tahiti, on the most modern production site in the South Pacific Islands. As a result, this is a beer of exemplary quality which has received international awards such as the Gold Medal in Luxembourg in 1990 and in Brussels in 1993."
[source: hinano.com]

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