Simpler Times Lager

Simpler Times lager 1
Simpler Times Lager. 6.2% abv. Gold honey color. Nice bubbly head that's sadly gone in a minute flat. Decent lace from the thin lingering ring. Sweet candy aroma. Tastes of syrupy caramel and faint grain. Mild hop detected in the brief aftertaste. Sticky mouthfeel coupled with a thin, watery body.

This is one of those cheapie house brand beers (Trader Joe's) that is clearly made extra sweet to hide its shortcomings. That being said, the beer is drinkable and better than expected. However, I won't be buying it again.

This beer is made by Minhas Craft Brewery exclusively for Trader Joe’s.

From the brewery:

"Simpler Times Beer is maybe the most accurately named beer we’ve ever encountered. To us, the name harkens back to a time when things moved a little more slowly, when ingredients were a little easier to pronounce, when what you ate and drank were pretty, well, simple. Simpler Times is made for us (Trader Joe’s) in small batches by a family-owned craft brewery in Wisconsin. They use old-world recipes and ingredients like all natural hops and barley. And just like in simpler times, they never add any of the fillers found in some beers. Those fillers are generally added to keep a beer’s alcohol content up, while lowering costs. Problem is, by using fillers like corn or rice, the flavor is seriously compromised, and with Simpler Times, flavor is the number one priority. Simpler Times Lager is a crisp clean, dry beer that’s pretty much perfectly balanced. Light in color and body, this is a wonderfully refreshing and thirst quenching everyday beer. Simpler Times Pilsner is a classic, old-world style pilsner. Straw-colored with a brilliant hop bitterness throughout, this is an excellent beer to enjoy with a meal."

Two beers
Whatever you do, do not confuse these two beers.