Romeo y Julieta Havoc Magnum

Romeo y Julieta Havoc Magnum. At 6x60, this is a big bold cigar. Excellent build quality. Good cut and light, even burn on the first third, with a lopsided burn to follow that was easily placed back on course. Balanced medium flavor of cedar and leaf in the first half. Deep rich leathery taste toward the end. Flawless draw from start to finish. Clean ash that clings a good two inches with ease. This is an extraordinary smoke, great for sharing. Solo, you're looking at 2+ hours with this bad boy.

From the company:

"Romeo y Julieta is an iconic cigar named after a literary favorite. The 1875 cigar’s beautiful Indonesian Shade Grown TBN wrapper surrounds a classic Dominican binder and a blend of Dominican long fillers that burn with a characteristic white ash, providing a smooth, mellow taste with medium body. It’s a premium cigar with a storybook ending."

I enjoyed this Havoc outside with some Chai tea at Teazer World Tea House.