La Aurora Doble Corona

La Aurora Doble Corona. 7.5x50. Good construction and color on the mostly smooth Cameroon wrap. Cut and lit well. Medium draw pre-light and across the stick. Clean ash that drops at an inch. Even burn until first inch ash drop, but not a deal breaker. Earthy, mildly spicy taste on the intake, dry woodsy tobacco flavor on the exhale. This is a decent value smoke that would be fine with a summer brew.

From the company:

"La Aurora S.A is the oldest cigarmaker in the Dominican Republic, having rolled cigars there since 1903… La Aurora Traditional (is) the first cigar manufactured in the Dominican Republic, it is the result of the dedication and excellence of more than a century of tradition. Expert artisans who use the best selection of tobaccos harvested in the plantations of the El Cibao Valley make these cigars."