J. Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1

J. Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1. Nice little cigarillo, a little bigger than most. Rich marbled shade on the wrap with some veins. A touch oily.  Perfect cut and light. Draw was a bit of a strain pre-light, which followed through the first third. After that point, the draw was excellent to the band. Taste was slightly sweet on the wrap, with a rich roasted leaf taste on the intake. Halfway down, the taste dips, but has faint notes of roasted coffee. Even firm ash that held at an inch. This is a decent cigar whose draw starts out a little difficult and whose flavor drops as it burns. Not the best, but definitely not a bad way to pass 30 minutes.

From the company:

"Grand Reserva Corojo No. 1. As rich and complex as they come, this is refined smoky with a full bodied and a lot of character. The Fuego family has been in the business of growing, blending, and rolling cigars for five generations (since 1876 when J.Fuego was founded as a leaf growing company) in "El Corojo" farm, Cuba. It was in 1995 when the family migrated to Central America. In 2006, after years growing, blending and making cigars for other companies, Jesus Fuego launched "Tabacos S.A." with the release of the "J. Fuego" brand with his Natural and Gran Reserva lines. This, as a celebration of 130 years of his family in the cigar industry. Since then Tabacos S.A. has introduced the J. Fuego Delirium, the 777 brand with Maduro, Corojo and Zero lines. The Origen brand was also introduced in 2010 with great acceptation from the consumers. We are proud to offer a wide variety of flavors and prices in our cigar selection, made with tobaccos grown exclusively for Tabacos S.A. Enjoy."