House of Pendragon 'Imperial Lancelot'

House of Pendragon Imperial Lancelot IPA 1
House of Pendragon 'Imperial Lancelot' DIPA 8.2% abv. 114 IBU. Golden honey color. Thick white head falls to a collar that remains to the end. Good retention and excellent lace. Aroma is a hop bouquet with sweet malt and citrus rind. Front taste of malt, fresh floral hops, citrus, grapefruit. Aftertaste of balanced abundant bright hops and a long lingering citrus-grapefruit taste. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm-hot, creamy carb.

This is a superb imperial IPA that is guaranteed to satisfy hop heads and lovers of big brews. Highly recommend.

From the brewery:

"Kings lock up your queens and fathers hide your daughters! Lancelot is the legendary IPA that put HoP brewing Co. on the map. Don’t expect tongue-splitting bitterness with Lancelot. It seduces you with its smooth bitterness, but makes you fall in love with its hop flavor and enchanting aroma. IMPERIAL Lancelot has arrived at the Tasting Room! We've doubled the amount of hops of our flagship IPA, and coming in at 8.2% ABV and 114 IBUs, this one is NOT to be missed!"

House of Pendragon Imperial Lancelot IPA 2