Firestone Walker 'Double Barrel' Ale

Firestone Double Barrel Ale 1
Firestone Walker 'Double Barrel' Ale. 5.0% abv. 30 IBU. Pours a red-copper color, nice and clear. Two fingers of head gradually drops to a thin bubbly surface with decent lace. Good retention. Nose has herbal hops, malt, bready notes. Front taste is somewhat malty with some caramel, floral hops, some mild berry notes like faint plum or grape. Aftertaste is faint fruit and hops. Medium body. Rich, semi-sticky mouthfeel.

This is a solid go-to beer. I've always enjoyed Firestone's flagship brew, and this session is no exception. Malty, with notes of dark fruit and a perfect balance of hops. A reliable, good beer. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Our flagship brew highlights barrel-fermented batches from our patented Firestone Union blended with beer fermented in stainless steel. It opens with a biscuity toasted malt aroma and a hint of oak and vanilla. Pale malts create a smooth malty middle with ribbons of caramel, English toffee and toasted oak. A tribute to English pales traditionally fermented in cask."

Firestone Double Barrel Ale 2

Firestone Double Barrel Ale 3