Corazon Toro by Davidoff

Corazon Toro by Davidoff. 6x50. Solid build, with consistently smooth surface. Subtle veins, perfect marbled shades in the medium brown wrap. Perfect cut and light. Medium-easy draw, both pre-light and throughout. Flavors of rich tobacco, round and smooth, with a creamy wrap during the first half. Spicy notes in the exhale. In the second half, the smoke was more full-bodied, with faint notes of spice and coffee. Burn was outstanding, flawless, down to the band. Ash was clean with thin stripes of light gray. Ash hung nearly two inches before the drop and held an perfect shape. This cigar is nearly perfect, especially at its value price point. The construction was world-class, and the mild flavors had a slightly building arc that satisfied me in the end. Highly recommend.

From the company:

"Each Davidoff cigar has a unique flavor. And yet, they all share something that instinctively tells you - this is a Davidoff. The reason? All of our cigars are created the same way. By hand. By smell. By experts."

The ash was flawless in its marbling, shape, and cling.