Casa Magna Colorado Robusto

Casa Magna Colorado Robusto. 5.5x52. Good construction. Some faint veins and leaf ends, but nothing pronounced. Cut well. Light took some time. A few minutes of roasting was needed to get that nice red ring. Draw was medium pre-light, but better after. Tastes of woods, leather, and ample spice on the intake. Strong tobacco and earthy notes on the exhale. Full-bodied smoke. Excellent burn. Ash was clean with some ring of light gray, clung nearly two inches easily in the first half. In the second, ash was strong at over two inches. This is a superb smoke with just enough punch and spice to rise it above its comparable peers. Highly recommend.

From the company:

"Robusto: #1 Cigar of 2008 by Cigar Aficionado Extraordinario Salomon: #12 Cigar of 2009 by Cigar Aficionado Churchill: #24 Cigar of 2010 by Cigar Aficionado Diadema: #10 Cigar of 2011 by Cigar Aficionado #23 Cigar of 2013 by Cigar Aficionado"

Excellent burn from start to finish

The ash held stronger in the second half.