Anchor Brewing Summer Beer

Anchor Brewing Summer Beer. 4.5% abv. 10 IBU. Gold color with thick white frothy head off the pour. Minimal retention. Thin lace. Faint nose of crackers on the pour. Malty wheat is very present up front. Medium mouthfeel due to the wheaty head, a contrast to its thin watery body. Light aftertaste of wheat and hops that does not sustain long. Crisp light session brew. Sweet buttery aroma further down the glass. An ok-good lawnmower beer. Every brewery has a mass-crowd-pleaser, a beer that is approachable by anyone. This is Anchor’s. It’s good, but far from their usual excellence.

From the brewery:

"The crisp, clean flavors of Anchor Summer Beer are refreshingly light, a thirst-quenching American-style filtered wheat beer. Released each year in advance of the summer season, Anchor Summer Beer is an all-malt craft beer, with over 50% of its malt derived from malted wheat. It is fermented with a traditional top-fermenting "ale" yeast, yielding a clean, balanced flavor that highlights the refreshingly light flavor of malted wheat. The head is unusually abundant due to the natural protein deposits of wheat, with a thick consistency similar to meringue. First brewed in the summer of 1984, Anchor Summer Beer is the first American wheat beer in modern times. Anchor Summer Beer is intended to be a lighter beer for those who don’t want to sacrifice historic tradition or character."