Warsteiner Premium Verum

Warsteiner Premium Verum 1
Warsteiner Premium Verum. 4.8% abv. 28 IBU. Pilsner. Pale yellow-gold color. Crystal clear. Thick white head. Good retention and lacing. Nose of hops, somewhat floral on the back end. Taste is balanced bitter hops and grain. Aftertaste is a brief sustain of hops with the bite fading over a minute. Thin-medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, bubbly, crisp, light. 

This beer is a solid example of its category. If you enjoy pilsners, this one is sure to please. Recommended.

From the brewery:

"In the beginning was a pilsener, the now famous and popular Warsteiner Premium Verum. This pilsener, brewed with top-quality ingredients and the particularly soft water from Warsteiner’s own Kaiserquelle. In more than 60 countries worldwide, beer lovers enjoy the premium beers from Warsteiner—but no matter where it’s opened or tapped, you always get the original Warsteiner premium quality."
[source: www.warsteiner.us]

Warsteiner Premium Verum 2