Uinta Brewing ‘Labyrinth’ Quad Black Ale

Uinta Brewing 'Labyrinth' Barrel-Aged Quadruple Black Ale. 13.2% abv. 56 IBU. Imperial Stout. Color is ultra black. Thick brown head of cream with excellent retention and long lace. Aromas of chocolate, oak, and licorice. Tastes like a rich complex chocolate stout with hops, toffee, coffee, and chocolate. Aftertaste of toffee and licorice. This is a decadent, extraordinary Imperial Stout that I would gladly have again.

From the brewery:

"Enter the Labyrinth, a multi-dimensional black ale. Discover the complex intermingling of black licorice and toasted oak. Seek the subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate. Explore pairing Labyrinth with flavorful cheeses and rich desserts."

Labyrinth comes corked in a big wine bottle, which usually suggests that this brew can be aged further for more complexity in flavor.  

The head on Labyrinth is extraordinary. Thick, rich, creamy, as if it came from a nitro can or tap.