Tioga-Sequoia 'General Sherman' IPA

Tioga Sequoia General Sherman IPA 1
Tioga-Sequoia 'General Sherman' IPA. 7.5% abv. 63 IBU. Copper-orange color. Nice clarity. One finger of head off the tap that falls to a thin ring. Low-moderate retention. Moderate lacing. Nose of malt, citrus peel, faint pine. Front taste of malt, some caramel, citrus tang. Balanced moderate hop bite, somewhat complex. You can taste the presence of several hops mingling. Medium body and moderate carb. Mouthfeel is thin, warm, lightly carbed.

This is a nice, well-balanced IPA. It’s not the best of its category, but its quality is dependable, and its hop profile gives it a touch more character than average. I’ve had this local favorite many times and I’m sure to have it again. Recommended.

EDIT: Since this review, Tioga-Sequoia has created several other versions of this beer, including double and triple dry-hopped, as well as different combinations of hops. Each of these variations is an improvement of an already solid beer. Well worth seeking out.

From the brewery:

"Our IPA is a hop lover’s delight! The perfect blend of pale and caramel malts gives Gen. Sherman a beautiful copper color. Generous amounts of Northern Brewer, Simco, Cascade, and Crystal hops gives this beer a huge cirrus-like aroma and flavor."

Tioga Sequoia General Sherman IPA 2
I had the pleasure of enjoying this General Sherman in the middle of the woods. Cheers!