Sequoia Thunderhead Amber

Sequoia Thunderhead Amber Ale. 6% abv. Red-amber in color. Thin white head off the tap. Moderate retention results in a thin collar that remains to the bottom. Decent dotted lace. Front taste of malt and abundant hops. Nice bitter balance. Aftertaste is bitter hop bite and a mix of grains. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, sticky, oily. A good amber ale with a touch of complexity and a burst of hops that sticks to the aftertaste. Based on their solid flagship Tamarack amber ale, this is a hopper more robust version. Worth checking out.

From the brewery:

"A full flavored Ale with a beautiful deep amber color. This tasty Ale gets its rich flavor from a complex blend of six malts. The malts are balanced with Chinook and Northern Brewer hops for bittering. Crystal and Mt. Hood hops from Oregon are used for aroma and finishing."