Oskar Blues 'Old Chub' Nitro Scotch Ale

Oskar Blues Brewing 'Old Chub' Nitro Scotch Ale. 8% abv. Big nitrogenated can beer. Strong nose of caramel. Rich clingy head as normal with nitro brews. Heavy malty taste, nutty, toffee, hop flavor on the front. Aftertaste is warm sugar, lingering hops. Full body. Sweet sticky mouthfeel.

This is one of those decadent Scotch Ales, kinda like a dessert beer, made more so by the creamy nitro head. A solid example of its category. The sweet malty profile is a little too dominant for my taste. Still, it was a taste that was instantly memorable, a nice treat that I would try again. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"This jaw-dropping Scottish strong ale is brewed with bodacious amounts of malted barley and specialty grains, and a dash of beechwood-smoked malt. Old Chub features semi-sweet flavors of cocoa and coffee, and a wee-bit of smoke. A head-turning treat for malt heads and folks who think they don’t dig dark beer."

Enjoying my Old Chub at Peeve's Pubic House