Mammoth Brewing 'Wild Sierra' Farmhouse Ale

Mammoth Brewing 'Wild Sierra' Farmhouse Ale. 7.5% abv. 30 IBU. Saison. Pours a thin bubbly head that falls to surface quickly, although I am tasting it from a sampling glass. Nose of fruity, with subdued hops. Taste of sweet fruit and brief sprightly hops. Aftertaste is a bright hop that lingers a short stay. Light-medium body, sticky mouthfeel. A good brew to be sure, but not a champion of its category. Many other farmhouse saisons out there to choose before this one. 

From the brewery:

"This beer is a continuation of our quest to produce distinct beers using local indigenous ingredients. Wild Sierra emulates spring in the Sierra with the snow melting out of the forests and giving way to fruity/spicy aromas of the trees with a touch of earthiness from wet soil. Mountain farmhouse style is very alive with active cultures of wild yeast continuously changing the flavor profile. We use Belgian ale yeast, Saison yeast, and wild yeast harvested off of local PiƱon Pine needles in the brewing process. Our wild yeast also contains Lactobacillus which lends a refreshing tartness to the beer."