Firestone Walker 805

Firestone Walker 805. 4.7% abv. 20 IBU. Golden-yellow color. Clear. Brief white head falls quickly to a thin collar. Low retention. Almost no lace. Nose is very faint bread, hops. Front tastes of biscuit, distant sweet malt, grain, corn. Aftertaste is bread, faint floral hops. Thin body. Mouthfeel was thin, light, almost watery, some carb. 

This was clearly designed to be a lawnmower beer, great for drinking on a hot summer day of yard work, but not much else. I suppose I enjoyed it, but I would not buy this again. For a craft beer, it tasted like a macro brew, but at twice the price. Firestone Walker makes exceptional beers worth their asking price, but this is not one of them.

From the brewery:

"A beer crafted for the coast. 805 is a light, approachable brew. Born from an all malt recipe and finished with a touch of hops, it's slightly sweet with a clean finish. 805 is the perfect followup to that ultimate surf session or to reward a hard day's work."