Carlos Toraño 'Master' Churchill

Carlos Torano Master Churchill 1
Carlos Toraño 'Master' Churchill. 7x50. Ecuadorian Habano wrap, all Nicaraguan fill and bind. Cut and lit well, keeping an even burn with little effort. Medium draw, you kinda have to work it. Excellent construction, smooth wrap, dark marbled color. Spotty ash that clings well, near two inches. Taste of spice on the draw, black pepper on the exhale. An excellent bold cigar that rivals many Maduros.

From the company:

"A perfect collaboration creates a new premium Cigar. Charlie Toraño, at the helm of a fourth generation family cigar company, and Felipe Sosa, one of the world’s finest master cigar rollers, invite you to enjoy this unique blend.

Determining the final blend for Master was a long and experimental journey. With two passionate tobacco experts working side by side, only the very best blend would suffice and ultimately be worthy of the name 'Master.' "

Carlos Torano Master Churchill 2