Murphy's Irish Stout

Murphy's Irish Stout 1
Murphy's Irish Stout. 4.0% abv. 34 IBU. Black color once it settles off the pour. Rich creamy tan head that you often get from nitro cans like this. The head is thick and velvety, like melted ice cream. Outstanding retention and superb lace, though calling it 'lace' doesn't quite fit. More like clouds. Nose is faint roasted grain, biscuit, notes of chocolate. First taste is dark roasted grain, black coffee, dark chocolate on the back end. Aftertaste is roasted bittersweet chocolate, espresso, bready grain on the sustain. Medium-full body. Mouthfeel is warm, creamy, dry finish.

This is an excellent example of an Irish dry stout. A classic of its style. Flavors of warm roasted malt, chocolate, and coffee are clear and present from the aroma all the way to the last tilt. Head and body are thick and rich. Wonderful. There's a reason this beer has been made for nearly 160 years. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Murphy's Irish Stout is imported from Ireland. It employs a top fermentation brewing method, using a dark roasted barley malt, with no added preservatives."

"Since 1856, Murphy's Stout has been brewed in Cork using our authentic recipe. We pride ourselves in only using the finest natural ingredients of pure pale malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, and hops. Murphy's offers you that uniquely smooth, creamy and wonderfully palatable full-bodied stout flavour with roasted chocolate and coffee undertones and a 'biscuity sweet' pure malt aroma."
[source: can]

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Murphy's Irish Stout 3
To call the outstanding lace 'lacing' doesn't quite fit. It's more like 'clouds'.

Murphy's Irish Stout 4