CAO Cameroon L'Anniversarie Robusto

CAO Cameroon L'Anniversarie Robusto. Smooth wrap with mostly consistent color, a couple of spots off. Bad cut (my fault), good light, excellent even burn. Clean light gray ash that holds well. Creamy Cameroon taste from the first puff on. Medium draw. Consistent taste and burn to the band. Aside from my butchering of the cut, this is a perfect cigar. CAO is the benchmark of Cameroon smokes and it shows here again. This is one of my top choices.

From the company:

"There are many reasons why Cigar Aficionado (magazine) rated CAO Cameroon a 92, but chief among them is its remarkable balance. The sweet Cameroon wrapper and rich, earthy Nicaraguan blend of this top rated cigar are like yin and yang and sun and moon—they were just made to work together."